FDA: Diversity now required in clinical trials

The White House says people of color are being hit harder by diseases simply because medicines and treatments haven't effectively been tested on diverse populations.

Women In Pharma and Biotech Are Pushing Boundaries, But Still Face Barriers

Women make up a higher percentage of leadership positions in pharma and biotech, but we still have a long way to go. Here’s a closer look at the numbers and…

National Caregivers Day

Caregivers play an important role in clinical trials by providing emotional and physical support to patients, taking them to appointments, and following up with their care. Here are a few…

FDA Guidance for Increasing Diversity in Clinical Research Will Soon Become Law

The latest omnibus bill includes legislation that will codify FDA guidelines for diversity in clinical trials into law. Learn more about what this means for sponsors.

Share Your Story About Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) While You Earn Up To $445

The PatientsLikeMe team has partnered with Takeda Pharmaceuticals on a new research study to learn more about Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) from patients just like you. Our study aims to…

Bring the Care Partner Voice to the Center of Influencing Transplant Research by Sharing Your Story

You underwent a life-altering experience when the person you care for had a transplant. We want to learn from your unique journey!  PatientsLikeMe has partnered with Takeda to better understand…

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