We Can Help Accelerate Your Clinical Research Trial Patient Recruitment with our expertise in Spatial Epidemiology, Demography, Data Science and High Impact Community Outreach. 

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With decades of expertise in spatial epidemiology and a well-established network of community partners, the M&B Sciences team is uniquely equipped to help Sponsors, Study Sites, and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) quickly identify patient populations and support patient recruitment and retention. Additionally, our tools help increase diversity in clinical research trial participants. Our NeighborhoodTrials web and mobile apps tech platform make it easy for patients to find and participate in trials close to home, while our patient recruitment platform simplifies screening and enrollment for Sponsors, Study Sites and CRO.

Why Choose Us?

Neighborhood-specific Disease Surveillance
2 - 8x the Acceleration in Recruitment Pace
Sponsor list of more than 30 Pharma, Biotech, and Healthcare Customers
Grassroots Connection With Hard-To-Reach Communities Through Partnerships With Community-Based Partners and Patient Advocacy Partners
16:1 ROI with exceptional creative, high-performing digital advertising campaigns

Trial Application

We have the most seamless trial application experience in the industry.


We are focused in adding value by increasing diversity in clinical trials.

Click-through Rates

We have an 85% increase in digital click-through rates vs. the industry average.

Our Platform

Neighborhood-Specific Study Websites via the M&B Sciences Platform.

M&B Sciences is a global, African American, Woman-Owned technology firm with full-service patient recruitment that delivers diverse patients to pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies. We accelerate your clinical trials and study site patient enrollment by applying our in-house technology tools for effective patient recruitment and retention. M&B Sciences works with global sponsors specializing in device and clinical trials (Phases I-IV). Our therapeutic areas include expertise in oncology, immunology, neurology, cardiology, diabetes, infectious diseases, rare diseases, gene therapy, and medical devices trials. 

OUR Services

clinical trial recruitment
clinical trial patient recruitment
Patient Recruitment and Retention
Naive Investigator Recruitment and Training
In-house e-consent platform
Demographic tools to Increase diversity in study populations
Digital Marketing for patient recruitment and engagement
Customizable survey and data collection solutions and advanced quality assurance tools
Multi-channel patient outreach support: web, email, mobile, SMS, IVR, F2F, and paper
Instrument development and testing
OMB/IRB clearance package preparation and submission
50+ seat computer-assisted interviewing
Cognitive monitoring, structured interviews, and focus groups
Nationwide field interviewing
Site Operations
Robust Patient Support for recruitment and engagement through our M&B Care
Coordinating patient travel booking and meal services
Patient stipend issuing and reimbursement
24/7 Live Call Center Support
Translations of up to 240 different languages
Project management of clinical development programs
On-site, remote, and centralized monitoring
Quality assurance and inspection readiness support

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Led by a diverse team of experts with extensive hands-on experience in every aspect of patient recruitment and clinical trial operations, our collective knowledge of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors and substantial work with regulatory bodies make us a powerful ally and brilliant strategic partner. In addition, our expertise in demography, spatial epidemiology, disease distribution and surveillance, and active patient recruitment through M&B’s patient engagement and survey center allows us to support sponsors and study sites with short-term and long-term solutions for patient recruitment, engagement, and retention. Let’s work together!

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