M&B Sciences Acquires Clara Health

The M&B Sciences team is excited to announce that we have acquired Clara Health, a comprehensive digital clinical trial platform, to accelerate our mission to make leading research and treatment options accessible to all.

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We drive hyperlocal and diverse patient population recruitment at hyperscale.

Our team's unique background and expertise pairs with extensive, purpose-built technology to provide our partners a proactive, precise, and patient-centered suite of recruitment solutions.

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Our Team

Unique expertise informs a best-in-class recruitment strategy.

M&B Sciences is a California-based, African American, Woman-Owned technology firm focused on helping our biotech, pharmaceutical, and clinical study site costumers maximize our in-house technology tools for effective patient recruitment and decentralized clinical trials. Led by a diverse team of experts with extensive hands-on experience in every aspect of patient recruitment and clinical trials operations, our collective knowledge of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, and substantial work with regulatory bodies makes us a powerful ally and smart strategic partner. In addition, our expertise in demography, spatial epidemiology, disease distribution and surveillance, and active patient recruitment through M&B's patient engagement and survey center allows us to support sponsors and study sites with short term and long-term solutions for patient engagement for recruitment and retention.

Finally, our patient support team is working with both sponsors and study sites to ensure patients are supported through our 24/7 M&B Concierge Service. This includes recruiting patients through our patient registries, conducting pre-screenings, booking and coordinating travel to study sites, processing payments, and ensuring study participants have the support they need throughout the duration of the clinical study.

M&B Sciences is led by Owner & CEO, Dr. Eddilisa Martin. Dr. Martin is an industry veteran with 25 years of experience supporting sponsors, study sites, and working in industry. She is also an Abbvie Retiree. In addition to being a first-generation college graduate, Dr. Martin is also the first African-American to receive a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy. She was awarded the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy Sandoz Pharmaceutical Corporation Award for superior academic achievement in her Doctor of Pharmacy program. Dr. Martin received her Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree from the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences College of Pharmacy. She has supported clients across a number of therapeutics areas including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, oncology, immunology, dermatology, infectious diseases, and many rare diseases.

Having worked in the industry for many years, I understand firsthand the importance of having a partner CRO that is flexible, innovative, and responsive. We are committed to bringing operational excellence to both the clients and study participants that we have an opportunity to serve.

— Eddilisa Martin, PharmD
M&B Sciences, Inc Owner & CEO
Pharma Industry Veteran

Combining our innovative patient recruitment technology tools, our expertise in spatial epidemiology, our first class patient concierge services, and our patient engagement survey center for active short term and long term proactive patient follow up, allow us to support our clients in not only recruiting study participants but retaining study participants for the duration of their clinical trials.

— Cayce Drobek
Executive Vice President, Clinical Operations
CRO Industry Veteran
Cayce Drobek

Our Technology

Diverse, patient-centered recruitment made hyperlocal and operated at hyperscale.

Our blend of expertise and technology allow us to provide focused strategies to ensure that trial demographics reflect real world populations and comply with FDA guidance for representation​

Let's Work Together

Neighborhood demographics data

Our unique access into neighborhood data - such as school enrollment information - the M&B data engine builds real-world demographic profiles and identifies key recruitment locations.

Census tract data

Neighborhood data is supplemented by the layering of census tract data into the algorithm. Census tracts expands robust demographic data of key recruitment locations.

EMR and discharge data

EMR and discharge data is collected on trial-specific basis for our partners, ensuring all datapoints are up-to-date. This dataset is layered onto the demographics and neighborhood datapoints to build a comprehensive, current, health condition-specific view of each location of interest.

What our data offers

Neighborhood-specific study pages

The Clara Platform supports the creation of multiple study pages. This allows your team to speak to local patient populations in a manner specific to their neighborhoods.

Secure, compliant, seamless screening.

With Clara's secure data capture and digital prescreening tools embedded right on the webpage, providing initial prescreening for your patient audience has never been easier.

Secure on-page patient support via live chat, phone, SMS, and email.

With our 50-person call center and ClaraCare patient support technology, provide up to 24/7 support for all of your patient applicants securely and seamlessly via live chat, phone, SMS, and email.

How our application process works

What Our Expertise Enables For Your Team

Spatial Epidemiology

Our decades-long experience in spatial epidemiology builds a bedrock of unique real-world data capabilities, allowing our partners to proactively identify relevant patient populations in high-potential and potentially overlooked parts of their target geos.

Rare Disease Engagement

Decades of experience in engaging sensitive, difficult-to-locate, and rare patient populations informs our team’s strategy development for each of our partners’ trials.

Clinical Operations

Equipped with practical, current, and forward-thinking clinical operations experience allow our team to nimbly meet the needs of yours with strategies and initiatives built to be greenlit by your internal stakeholders.

Purpose-Built Technology

An extensive and extensible technology platform enables our team to scale our practical experience to ensure your trial recruitment is on schedule and surpassing stakeholder expectations.

Neighborhood-level Data

Our unique access into neighborhood data - such as school enrollment information - the M&B data engine builds real-world demographic profiles and identifies key recruitment locations.

Seamless Patient Recruitment

Our extensible, flexible recruitment platform provides patients a seamless and welcoming experience as they engage with your study.

Scalable Call Center

Our 50-person call center can flexibly support the needs of your trial, from supporting applicants via phone, live web chat, SMS, or email to engaging with patients directly in the field.

Extensible, Flexible, Secure

While our recruitment platform brings a comprehensive suite of tools to your clinical trial virtualization, we know that there are legacy systems that you may need interoperability with. That’s why our platform is developed with flexibility and customizability in mind.

Our Integrated, Flexible, and Extensible Technology Platform


Patients connected to clincal trials


Study months supported


Acceleration in recruitment pace


Increase in digital clickthrough rates vs. industry average

Our Results

The M&B Data Engine builds comprehensive, current, and health condition-specific views of high-potential recruitment locations.

Our practical expertise and tech-enabled data engines harmonize multiple streams of real-world data to drive proactive identification of diverse and eligible patient populations for your clinical trial.

Add Neighborhood Data to Your Recruitment

M&B's Clara Recruitment Platform provides the most seamless trial application experience for all patients.

Clara empowers every patient to access new study treatments from anywhere by making the application process more accessible, seamless, and simple.

Make patient enrollment seamless

Neighborhood Trials bridges the diversity gap with local community outreach.

Using multiple streams of proprietary, current, andcondition-specific data, our Neighborhood Trials platform builds comprehensiveand localized views of high-potential recruitment zones.

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