Clara Health is Now Part of M&B Sciences

M&B Sciences recently acquired Clara Health, and its innovative patient recruitment and retention technology platform has greatly enhanced our ability to bring decentralized and hybrid trial technology tools to our clients while still maintaining our core values of ensuring patient centricity and diversity within clinical trials.

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With decades of expertise in spatial epidemiology and a well-established network of community partners, the M&B Sciences team is uniquely equipped to help sponsors, study sites, and contract research organizations (CROs) quickly identify patient populations and support high-impact patient recruitment and retention. Additionally, our tools help increase diversity in clinical research trial participants.

Our NeighborhoodTrials web and mobile apps tech platform make it easy for patients to find and participate in trials close to home, while our patient recruitment platform simplifies screening and enrollment for sponsors, study sites and CROs.

Why Choose Us?

Risk free protocol assessment
Proprietary Data on over 3 million healthcare providers and the patients they serve
Partnerships with over 400 community-based community organizations whose goal is diversity and community well-being
90% of all patient recruitment firms rely solely on digital marketing.

•  Our high impact patient recruitment strategies are driven by our expertise in spatial epidemiology (combining the science of epidemiology, demography, and spatial analytics), in addition to our expertise in marketing

16:1 ROI with exceptional creative, high-performing digital advertising campaigns

Expertise in RWD/RWE

We leverage longitudinal RWD/RWE data assets to support clinical trial recruitment

Expertise in Demography

Diversity in clinical trials can only be achieved with expertise in demography

Expertise in Epidemiology

We understand the burden of disease at the neighborhood level

Expertise in Spatial Analytics

Assuring that your study sites are near the population of interest

M&B Sciences, Inc is a technology and healthcare research firm the provides our life science customers with innovative real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) to support patient recruitment and patient outcomes researchWe have supported more than 40 biotech and pharmaceutical firms utilizing our expertise in spatial epidemiology to understand the burden of disease across communities to not only improve patient recruitment efforts (through our neighborhoodtrials.com tech platform) but to also ensure opportunities to participate in clinical trials is improved across all communities.  We have supported our sponsors across a number of therapeutic areas including rare diseases, oncology, diabetes, immunology, cardiology and infectious diseases. 

OUR Services

patient recruitment agency
clinical trial patient recruitment
50 seat patient engagement, innovation, and survey research center
Patient recruitment and retention
In-house e-consent platform
Multi-channel patient outreach support: web, email, mobile, SMS, IVR, F2F, and paper
Instrument development and testing
Robust patient support for recruitment and engagement through our M&B Care
24/7 Live Call Center Support
Patient travel booking and reimbursement
Patient stipend disbursement

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