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Work with us to help us achieve our mission of recruiting diverse patient populations for clinical trials.

M&B Sciences, Inc is a San Diego, California-based African-American owned technology firm focused on supporting physicians and their patients by bringing innovation, efficiency, and equity to clinical trials. We are looking for physicians to partner with us to help us to improve patient recruitment of diverse and underserved communities.

Ways to get involved:

Encourage your patients to download our Neighborhood Trials App

Community-based clinical trial recruitment is part of our DNA. Partner with us to be an advocate for diverse study recruitment in your community 

Thought-leadership opportunities – contribute to a Podcast, Webinar, or Blog with other subject-matter experts. Check out our blog content.

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What we can offer you:

A platform to get your message and name out there, through our highly trafficked website and active social media channels 

Access to thousands of research studies through our Neighborhood Trials platform and apps 

Our expertise in spatial epidemiology, demography, data science and high impact community outreach

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