M&B Sciences Inc Acquires Clara Health and Announces Goal to Become a Leader in Patient Recruitment and Retention in Clinical Trials.

Clara Health was created in 2015 from a collaboration with patient advocates to make it simple and approachable to find and connect to clinical trials that fit them best. The platform has since expanded to support protocol design, site selection, and retention as well. Clara is the simplest, fastest, most patient-friendly way to connect with the newest treatment options being offered in clinical trials. Clara believes that all patients should have the power to access the most advanced healthcare available but understands that getting started on the journey can be overwhelming.  In democratizing access to clinical trials for all patients from all socioeconomic backgrounds Clara Health aimed to make healthcare more diverse, open, and welcoming. 

Clara Health has been acquired by M&B Sciences. M&B Sciences Inc, a fast-growing African American owned, technology-driven clinical research organization, announces the acquisition of acquisition of a company dedicated to using technology to increase access to clinical trials. 

With the addition of Clara Health, based in San Francisco, CA, and its innovative patient recruitment and retention technology platform, M&B Sciences has enhanced its ability to bring decentralized and hybrid trial technology tools to its clients while also maintaining its core values of ensuring patient centricity and diversity within clinical trials. Both M&B Sciences and Clara Health were founded on the principle of creating and leveraging technology to bring efficiency in clinical trials and democratize access to clinical trials for ALL communities. The combined company will move forward as M&B Sciences Inc. 

Clara Health’s Co-founders, Evan Ehrenberg and Sol Chen, founded Clara Health in 2015 and have served more than thirty (30) biotech and pharmaceutical clients and contributed to the success of their clinical trials through implementation of innovative patient centric technology tools. 

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